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Good Charlotte Icon Test Community
6th-Feb-2007 04:10 am - Vote!!!
Mary-Kate→Olsen Style
The boring rule! Don't vote for yourself, pick only 3 blah blah blah!
Vote for Challenge 1Collapse )
5th-Feb-2007 01:16 am - Challenge1 Reminder!
Billy Martin
The Challenge will end tomorrow! there are 6 icons now, please join!
26th-Jan-2007 01:34 pm - Challenge 1
Mary-Kate→Olsen Style
Challenge 1- Skywalker Ranch for Star Wars III
Images Under the cutCollapse )
1.Must fit lj standards (40 kb-100X100)
2.Use only the images provided
3.Enter up to 3 icons
4.Don't use them until the voting is over
5.No animation
6.Be original
7.Comments are unscreened
21st-Jan-2007 08:51 pm - LIMS!
Mary-Kate→Olsen Style
I thought of making a Lims challenge!
So Sign up here!
If you promote the community you will get an extra skip, if you promote in 2 places you will get 2 extra skips!

Participant List
i_have_no_mind-2 Skips
malibu_barbie19-2 Skips
13th-Jan-2007 02:26 am - Join!
Benji Madden
Please join the community! The first challenge will be posted when we have enough members! and I'm thinking of making a LIMS challenge, if you want it reply here! and if you have any question ask here (all replies are screened)
And please help in promoting the community!
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